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First tattoo location tips

Choosing the right spot for your first tattoo depends on personal preference, pain tolerance, and the type of design you have in mind. Here are some popular and relatively less painful areas for a first tattoo.


The outer forearm is a common choice because it's easily visible and generally less painful.


A small tattoo on the inner or outer wrist can be a subtle and less painful option.

Shoulder/Upper Arm

The upper arm, especially the outer part, is a popular choice. It provides a good canvas for a variety of designs and tends to be less painful.


A tattoo on the ankle can be discreet and has the advantage of being easy to cover if needed.


The calf is a relatively fleshy area with less sensitivity, making it a popular choice.


The outer thigh is often chosen for its larger canvas and lower pain sensitivity.

Remember that pain tolerance varies from person to person, so what might be painful for one person may not be as much for another. It's essential to choose a location that you're comfortable with and that fits your personal style. Additionally, consider how easily the tattoo can be covered if you work in a professional setting where visible tattoos may be a concern. Always choose a reputable tattoo artist and studio for the best results.

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