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Is it possible to get tattoos on scars?

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Yes, it's usually possible to get a tattoo on a scar, although it can depend on a number of factors, including the size, nature and age of the scar, as well as the skill of the tattoo artist. Here are some important points to consider;

Nature of the scar

Scars vary in size and type. Flat, uniform scars are generally the best for tattooing, offering a smooth, even surface. Hypertrophic scars (thick and raised) or keloids (even thicker and extending far beyond the original area of injury) can be more difficult to tattoo.

Scar stability

It's generally best to wait until the scar has completely healed and stabilized before considering tattooing. This can take from several months to several years, depending on the scar and the individual.

Consultation with a professional

It's essential to consult an experienced tattoo artist who has experience tattooing on scars. The artist will be able to assess the scar, discuss the feasibility of tattooing and develop an appropriate plan.

Tattoo feasibility

The tattoo artist will need to determine whether the scar is suitable to receive a tattoo, based on its condition and texture. Some scars may absorb ink unevenly, which can affect the final result.

Appropriate design

The choice of tattoo design can also be important. A design that takes into account the shape and size of the scar can help mask or integrate the scar into the tattoo.

Realistic expectations

It's important to understand that even with a talented artist, the result may not be perfect, especially on more pronounced scars. Tattoos don't usually make scars disappear completely, but they can make them less visible.

Post-tattoo care

Post-tattoo care is essential to promote proper healing and minimize complications. Follow the tattoo artist's instructions for cleaning, moisturizing and protecting the tattoo.

In summary, it is possible to get a tattoo over a scar, but this requires a thorough evaluation by a competent tattoo artist. It's advisable to consult a professional who can give you specific advice based on your situation. Also, make sure you have realistic expectations of the final result, as the tattoo may not completely hide the scar.

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