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What tattoo styles are popular?

Updated: Feb 8

There are numerous tattoo styles, each with its unique characteristics and artistic elements. Here are some popular tattoo styles:

Traditional/Old School

Bold outlines, limited color palette (often primary colors).

conic images like anchors, roses, panthers, pinups, sparrows and nautical symbols.


Detailed and lifelike representations.

Often depicts portraits, animals, or nature scenes.


Mimics the appearance of watercolor paintings.

Features vibrant colors with less defined outlines.


Modern twist on traditional styles.

Incorporates more complex color palettes and shading.


Rich in symbolism and tradition.

Often features dragons, koi fish, cherry blossoms, and waves.


Utilizes geometric shapes and patterns.

Can include mandalas, sacred geometry, and minimalist designs.


Created using tiny dots to form images.

Often associated with mandalas and pointillism.


Draws inspiration from traditional tribal art.

Bold black lines and abstract designs.

New School

Bold and vibrant colors.

Often features exaggerated proportions and cartoonish elements.


Features letters, words, or phrases.

May be done in various fonts and styles.

These styles can often overlap or be combined, leading to a wide range of creative possibilities. When choosing a style, it's essential to find a skilled artist experienced in that particular style to ensure a successful and visually appealing tattoo.

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