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Why some tattoo artists are reluctant to tattoo hands and faces?

Many tattoo artists are hesitant to tattoo hands or face for various reasons:

Visibility and Employment

Tattoos on hands and faces are highly visible and can be challenging to conceal, which can limit a person's job opportunities, especially in more conservative work environments. Tattoo artists may be concerned about contributing to potential employment challenges for their clients.

Social and Cultural Stigma

There can be a social and cultural stigma associated with hand and face tattoos in some communities or regions. These tattoos are often associated with certain subcultures or gangs, and people may be judged or stereotyped based on their appearance.

Commitment and Consent

Some artists want to ensure that clients are fully committed to getting a tattoo on their hands or face, as these areas are difficult to cover or remove. Artists may want to have more extensive discussions with clients to ensure they fully understand the implications.

Fading and Aging

Hands and face tattoos are exposed to constant sunlight and other environmental factors, which can cause them to fade and blur over time more quickly than tattoos in less-exposed areas. Tattoo artists may want clients to be aware of this potential issue.


Inexperienced tattoo artists may be hesitant to tattoo hands or faces because these areas can be technically challenging. Achieving clean, precise lines and shading is crucial, and mistakes can be more visible.

Legal Restrictions

In some places, there may be legal restrictions or regulations that limit or prohibit tattooing on certain body parts, including the hands and face, unless specific requirements are met, such as age and informed consent.

It's essential for both the tattoo artist and the client to have open and honest discussions about the implications of getting a hand or face tattoo. Many reputable tattoo artists will take their clients' well-being and future prospects into account when considering these types of tattoos and may require clients to carefully consider their decision.

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