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Walk-ins tattoo Quebec city

At Saint-Paul Tattoo, we do walk-ins when our schedule permits! It's best to call us, write to us on our social networks or contact us by email before coming in.

Call us

You can call us before you come to make sure we have enough time to do your tattoo.


Contact us

For walk-ins, you can also contact us on our social networks and by email.

Frequently asked questions about walk-in tattoos.

Can I come without an appointment for a tattoo at Saint-Paul Tattoo?
Yes, you can come without an appointment. However, we recommend that you contact us beforehand, just to make sure we have enough time for your project.

What style of tattoo can you do without an appointment?

Minimalist tattoos, our flash tattoos and traditional tattoos are preferable, as they generally require less preparation

Can I get a large tattoo without an appointment?

If our schedule allows it, yes! Generally speaking, small and medium-sized tattoos are preferable to walk-ins, since they're quicker to do. 

Where on my body can I get a tattoo without an appointment?

Areas like the arms and legs are preferable. Areas such as the hands and neck are generally to be avoided in the walk-in service, as they require preparation and are more complex to tattoo. 

Can you take several people for walk-in tattoos?

Yes, if our schedule allows it

What time can I arrive for a walk-in tattoo?

If you arrive between noon and 4 in the afternoon., there's a better chance we'll be able to do your tattoo without an appointment.

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